I recently started using ConEmu since I wanted to be able to have tabbed PowerShell consoles. In an effort to become more proficient with it I’ve forced myself to try not to do anything outside of a PowerShell window. At my current employer I’m a Jack of All Trade SysAdmin. For me this means I … [Read more…]

Quick Script: Enable AD Users and Change Password

Terminate User Script

I wrote this script to help streamline the process of terminating an employee at work. I’m still certainly learning Powershell, but this definitely scratched an itch at $job. The only thing you will need to change to run it is the path to the OU. You will also need a Log folder on your C:\ … [Read more…]

VMNet Build Error for VMware Player Plus on Fedora 20

I ran into this error today when I reformatted my laptop to install Fedora 20. I installed VMware Player, however whenever I went to launch it I received a vmnet build error: vthread-3| W110: Failed to build vmnet.  Failed to execute the build command. On kernels 3.13 that have enabled the network packet filtering framework (Netfilter) … [Read more…]