Getting Started with Let’s Encrypt

TweetOne of the biggest topics today is encryption. I can’t remember the last time I haven’t heard “encryption” or “SSL” at least once a day.  Anyone who has enabled SSL on a website knows the pain of getting it to work right, managing the certificates and how expensive certificates can be. Let’s Encrypt has made… Read More »

Cloud Home Lab & Learning Resources

TweetWhy do I need a home lab? Unless your employer provides you with a lab and the time to use it during working hours, a home lab is great way to learn new technologies and sharpen your skills. If you’re looking to learn a new skill, gain deeper knowledge in a certain skill, or to… Read More »

Getting VMware View Agent Version

TweetI recently answered a post on ServerFault about finding the View Agent version. After Googling for about an hour, I dug into the VMware documentation to see what available via the VMware.View.Broker cmdlets and vdadmin.exe. After looking it over, it appeared this information was only available, surprisingly, via vdadmin. In order to use vdadmin –… Read More »

Elasticsearch can’t connect to Graylog Server

TweetUpon rebooting both my Graylog and Elasticsearch servers, suddenly Graylog could not connect to Elasticsearch. I checked to make sure the config files hadn’t changed, adequate disk space, both servers could ping each other, etc. As someone who is new to both Graylog and Elasticsearch it was definitely a head-scratcher. I ran a tail -f… Read More »


TweetI recently started using ConEmu since I wanted to be able to have tabbed PowerShell consoles. In an effort to become more proficient with it I’ve forced myself to try not to do anything outside of a PowerShell window. At my current employer I’m a Jack of All Trade SysAdmin. For me this means I… Read More »

Quick Script: Enable AD Users and Change Password


Terminate User Script

TweetI wrote this script to help streamline the process of terminating an employee at work. I’m still certainly learning Powershell, but this definitely scratched an itch at $job. The only thing you will need to change to run it is the path to the OU. You will also need a Log folder on your C:… Read More »

VMNet Build Error for VMware Player Plus on Fedora 20

TweetI ran into this error today when I reformatted my laptop to install Fedora 20. I installed VMware Player, however whenever I went to launch it I received a vmnet build error: vthread-3| W110: Failed to build vmnet.  Failed to execute the build command. On kernels 3.13 that have enabled the network packet filtering framework (Netfilter)… Read More »